Multi control open source robot for universal programming education [PYTOBOT]

An end project by Sybren Maréchal (SAMK University of Applied Science (2019)).


The following end project is a summary of my 3 year study as a software engineer. All of the gained knowledge from electrotonic to networking and project design are combined into the Pytobot project. With this project that I chose myself, I wanted to support the educational system to provide a robot for children that makes the way into programming easier.

There are a lot of people I’d like to thank for helping me during the process of making the Pytobot. But first of all I want to thank the open source community. For me it was a great help that I could consult the open source community at any time I wanted to. To thank them, my Pytobot will also be added as an open source project, so that other engineers can gain knowledge about it.

Further on, I would like to thank my lectors and professors from SAMK Robotic Engeneering in Finland and VIVES Software Engineering in Belgium. For SAMK, a special thanks to Kortelainen Joonas, Leino Mirka, Petteri Pulkkinen and Valo Pauli to always believe in me and helped me trough the project. In my home University "VIVES", i would like to thank my lectors Nico De Witte, Sille Van Landschoot, Tom Cordemans and Franky Loret. They taught over 3 years all of the knowledge I needed to succeed in this project and they guided me through a difficult path of becoming an engineer.

And last but not least, I want to thank my little brother to always have my back. My parents to always support me and my best friends from KSA De Graal to remind me who i am. They are a big part of my life and they guide me to become the best version of myself.

Sybren Maréchal


├── Pytobot
├── Hardware
│ ├── Design
│ ├── Circuit-board
│ │ └── Controller
│ │ ├── Battery-input
│ │ │ └── Voltage-regulation
│ │ └── Kill-switch
│ └── Electronic
│ ├── Motor
│ ├── Led-strip
│ ├── Distance-sensor
│ ├── Line-sensor
│ └── Oled
├── Programming
│ ├── Software
│ │ ├── Local-hotspot
│ │ ├── Local-share
│ │ └── Systemd
│ └── Program
│ ├── Frameworks
│ └── Front-end
├── Extra
│ ├── Abbreviation
│ ├── Goals
│ ├── Log
│ └── Sources
└── Business
├── Business-model-canvas
└── Curriculum