Raspberry Pi Zero W


The Raspberry Pi is a small credit-card-sized computer.With the addition of wireless LAN and Bluetooth, the Raspberry Pi Zero W is ideal for making embedded Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The Pi Zero W has been designed to be as flexible and compact as possible with mini connectors and an 40-pin GPIO, allowing you to use only what a project requires.


The Raspberry Pi zero W is used because of the small size and the many IO Pins, technologies as Ic2 and SPI busses. Another big advantage of the Zero W is the wireless connectivity. By using the wireless connectivity the Pi hosts his own network and functions as a router.
The biggest advantage of the Raspberry Pi is the system. The Raspberry Pi is a Linux based device. For this project, **[Raspbian Stretch Lite 2019-04-08**]( is used as a operating system. Raspbian Lite is the "clean install" of Raspbian.
Raspbian is a Debian-based OS for Raspberry Pi.


The Raspberry Pi is programmed as a router. When the Raspberry Pi wakes up, a network will go up. And the SSID name and PASSWORD will be put out on the Oled Screen. When connected to the network. The device is accessible by the following command:
Now you're logged into the robot. You can start to control and program.


Make sure that your home network is another network than
If your home network is in the same range you can change the network in the Local Hotspot configuration.

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